Whatever your fitness level or running goal, in this welcoming city, you’ll find friends at Midnight Runners. Make some noise Toronto! Let’s Run the 6ix!


Bootcamp Run

Our signature event! A run with music and body weight exercise stops. Most of us run between 4:00min/km to 6:00min/km - but we stop every few km for bootcamp style exercises, led by the crew. At these exercise stops, fast runners workout for longer and chatty runners have a chance to catch up! Expect a lively group warm up and a yoga style cool down. There’s often a drink afterwards too!

Long Runs

Our Long Runs vary in distance and location and are a great way to explore the city or nearby trails. The routes are usually upwards of 15k and a mixed pace. With no bag drop, you need to arrive ready to run.

Party Runs

We love a party run, for Halloween, Mid-Summer or whatever excuse we can think of! These themed runs often involve a bootcamp run in fancy dress followed by a wild afterparty!


As a community, we’ve hosted one-off runs in cities all over the world, we’ve cheered each other on at countless marathons and teamed up for epic relays! Have an idea for a pop-up? Let us know and let’s assemble a team!

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From a 5k time trial to a 24-hour relay, we’re always trying out new formats. Keep an eye out on Heylo for upcoming events and reach out to the crew if you’ve got an idea to share.
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