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February 1, 2021

Content Creation Manager - Full Time

Join our team and start your dream job 

Midnight Runners has a small dedicated team of full time employees who we call ‘Crew Support’. It is our job to ensure that Midnight Runners remains true to its roots, keeps our community running smoothly and continues to bring our unique brand of fitness to as many people as possible. It is this tight knit, happy and healthy team you will be joining. 

Location: GMT +2 time zones. Great WIFI and ideally close to a hub airport. Exceptions will be made for the right candidate.

How to Apply: jump to the end of the job description

The Role

In essence you will become our in house creative content agency: we are looking for a 360 degree creative. A dynamic producer, a multimedia (video, photo, blog, sound) content creator and social media manager. You will be confident in creating a new idea or developing one from our crew, pitching it to new partners, and working with all of our stakeholders to achieve their goals. 

You will need to be a self starter. We see you growing and developing our social media presence with dynamic, exciting and engaging content. But this isn’t just about instagram posts. We need someone with the passion and enthusiasm to explore new platforms, reach new runners and bring Midnight Runners to more people. 

We don’t do labels and this is a role without boundaries. An opportunity to create, shape and grow our community. A chance to take your passions and apply them to Midnight Runners. 

Requirements and Responsibilities

End to end video content production

You will be expected to plan, shoot, edit and publish video and photo content, often to tight deadlines on a very regular basis. We move fast and so should our content. Are you the kind of self starter that can work with partners to imagine an idea, plan and produce a shoot and push out the content within a working week? Then this could be the role for you. 

Content Strategy

You will design short and long term strategies to keep our audience engaged and work with our partners to help them achieve their goals. Your content should generate revenue and allow us to grow and as such you need to be happy to pitch ideas, work on leads and generate your own schedule. We make 15 second IG stories but we also create award winning full length documentaries. We don’t believe in rules so you need to be flexible, creative and proactive. 

Media Management 

We create a lot of content already and with you on board we will create a lot more. We need you to be able to compile it all from across all of our cities, select the best items and integrate this into our content strategy. You must be happy to work with people who vary in experience with creating and managing content, to bring it all together. 

Travel and Engagement 

Our community is global and thus our content will reflect that. You must be comfortable travelling around the world, working on your own in new cultures and different languages and have a lust for adventure. You will need to build personal relationships with all our crew to understand and tell their stories. You should have a journalistic nose for a story or idea and the inquisitive nature to explore stories that engage people. 

Client Relationships

You should be confident working with external and internal partners to develop, pitch and deliver ideas within a set deadline. You should be confident collaborating with those senior to you and being able to advise, shape and develop ideas within a budget and time frame

Business Strategy 

You will need to be able to link all this creativity back to our business plan. You will be comfortable working alongside and with the remainder of Crew Support in order to achieve collective goals. 

Experience and Skills


  • Professional content production experience
  • Post-production videography experience including visual effects (non-software specific)
  • Developing and pitching content ideas with internal and external stakeholders
  • Managing budgets and delivering projects to a set timeframe 
  • Competent at sound engineering 
  • Working knowledge of Photoshop 
  • Social media and content management
  • Experience working to tight deadlines
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • English language (professional)
  • Valid Passport


  • Google Drive Suite experience
  • Own photography/videography equipment
  • Familiarity with Social Media Advertising
  • Able to speak a second/third language (French, Spanish, German, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean)

How to apply!

Please send the following to community@midnightrunners.com 

  • Your CV
  • A Cover Letter

Most importantly: a pitch video - no longer than 3 minutes - that should outline within the first minute who you are, your experience and why you should work for Midnight Runners. The remaining two minutes should outline your creative strategy for Midnight Runners in an ideal world.


An example of your previous work that you think fits within the kind of content you'd produce for Midnight Runners.

Salary: Competitive and based on experience 

Visa / Passport: You must have the correct visa /passport / residency rights to live where you want to be based. 

Midnight Runners recognises the positive value of diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination. We welcome and encourage job applications from people of all backgrounds.

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