Solo Running: Build-your-own Solo Bootcamp Run

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March 31, 2021

Running solo: Build-your-own solo bootcamp run

Good news ahead! A lot of our MR cities are starting to open up again. That means we might not have to run solo for much longer! Hooray! However, not every city is quite out of the woods…and with ever-changing infection rates, who knows if or when a city will have to tighten restrictions, or go back into lockdown.

Because I missed MR runs so much this past year, I really enjoyed mixing “solo bootcamp runs” into my weekly run routine. For me it was a nice combination of a classic MR bootcamp workout, while still following distance rules by running alone. Here’s how I did it:

1. Pick a playlist.

Last summer, Joel made three running playlists perfect for these solo bootcamp adventures. You can find them here, here, and here. Each playlist is perfect for an hourlong bootcamp run, mixing in three Tabata stops with some motivating MR-style running jams. Or, you can have fun making your own mixes...for example, here’s my 80s-themed bootcamp playlist!

2. Pick three exercises.

In case you don’t remember your favorite bootcamp stop exercises, here are a few ideas, demonstrated by our phenomenal head of fitness, Olga Stignii: 


Bicycle crunches
Mountain climbers

Lower Body:

Split lunges
Single-leg deadlifts
Squats squats squats

Upper Body:

Shoulder Taps
Tricep Dips (use a park bench!)

I recommend choosing one exercise each for upper body, lower body, and core. Or, you could focus on one area: do an “ab blast” with all core exercises, for example. It’s totally up to you!

3. Design a route.

If you run with the above playlists, you’ll be in motion around 45-50 minutes, which is enough time for most people to cover 3-7 miles (5-12km). Find a route with the appropriate distance for your pace, that ideally isn’t on busy can be a bit awkward finding space for your Tabata workout in an area with lots of pedestrians! I created my bootcamp run route in a nearby park, which has many grassy areas perfect for my exercise stops.

4. Go for it!

All that’s left to do is hit “play” on your bootcamp run playlist of choice, and go! It’s not the same as running with our friends and the PartyBag to keep us motivated, but, I hope all the ideas this month have inspired you to try some new things, and most importantly, keep moving!

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