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Midnight Runners Tokyo

Los corredores de Barcelona que convierten un entreno en el lugar ideal para socializar: "Han salido hasta bodas"

Los 'Midnight Runners' son una comunidad de corredores nocturnos donde entrenar es igual de importante que conocer a gente nueva

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Álex Aragonés
Het Parool

Mee met de Midnight Runners: wie zijn die bonte hardlopers die op harde muziek donker Amsterdam doorkruisen?

De Santa Claus-run is vijf kilometer en heeft drie tussenstops. Nieuwelingen krijgen als advies: let op fietsers, blijf op de stoep, heb plezier!

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Bengt de Sitter
El Periódico

Así son las multitudinarias fiestas runner de Barcelona

Han reunido a más de 300 corredores callejeros. Corren de noche con mochilas-altavoz y acaban con cervezas. Los Midnight runners ya están en 18 países

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Ana Sánchez

Your guide to midnight running in Hong Kong

The fitness journey can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be! Even if you do not enjoy group sports, there is a community for you out there. Welcome to midnight running!

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Lily Valette
El País

Correr en grupo con música y conociendo a gente nueva: así son los eventos de ‘Midnight Runners’

La iniciativa convierte un entrenamiento en una fiesta para “socializar y conocer gente nueva”

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Midnight Runners, l'allenamento di corsa super energetico

Debutta a Milano la nuova community di runner presentata in occasione del lancio della scarpa Mizuno Wave Sky 7. Gli allenamenti dei Midnight Runners sono celebri per essere coinvolgenti e a ritmo di musica

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Elisabetta Brivio

Der Bootcamp Run mit den Midnight Runners: Das Laufevent mit dem besonderen Kick

Die Midnight Runners sind eine Berliner Laufgruppe, die jede Woche Laufevents veranstaltet. Dass mittlerweile viele Menschen daran teilnehmen, liegt vor allem an den besonderen Bootcamps.

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Charlotte Bruch
The Pill Outdoor Journal

I “Midnight Runners” a Milano con Mizuno

I “Midnight Runners” faranno tappa a Milano grazie alla collaborazione con Mizuno

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Runner's World

Midnight Runners, si corre a Milano con Mizuno

I Midnight Runners arrivano a Milano. Sabato 15 luglio, Mizuno porta in città la run gratuita con il gruppo di runner nato lungo le strade di Londra

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Alberto Rosa

I Midnight Runners sbarcano a Milano

Sabato 15 luglio insieme a Mizuno il primo evento in Italia della crew nata a Londra nel 2015 e ora diffusa in tutto il mondo: al ritmo di running, musica e fitness

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Running Magazine


Il prossimo 15 luglio prenderà vita a Milano la “Midnight Runners”, la corsa nata a Londra nel 2015 dall’idea di due amici che hanno deciso di invitare altre persone ai loro allenamenti serali e di rendere l’esperienza più coinvolgente portando con sé degli speakers Bluetooh.

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Mizuno Midnight Runners in Amsterdam: ‘De afwezigen hadden ongelijk’

Crew captain Julie het na 45 minuten vol opzwepende beats en aanstekelijk enthousiasme zo mooi samenvat: “De afwezigen hadden ongelijk.” Gelukkig waren wij er wél bij, want dit concept wordt sowieso een schot in de roos. RunningNL was aanwezig bij de eerste Party Run van de Mizuno Midnight Runners op zaterdag 1 april in Amsterdam. Een reportage.

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Midnight Runners, le groupe de coureurs qui fait bouger Paris

Tous les mardis, quelque 150 coureurs se donnent rendez-vous sur les quais de Seine à Paris. Au programme : musique, footing, exercices de fitness et bonne humeur !

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Hong Kong Tourism Board

Run Hong Kong

If you head down to Central Harbourfront or Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade on a Tuesday evening, chances are you’ll be overtaken by what appears to be a high-energy party; as a tribe of black-and-neon-clad runners stream by seemingly chasing a person with a large speaker strapped to their back – hello Midnight Runners.

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The Telegraph

If you like parkrun, you'll absolutely love dark run

We belong to the night: Jessica Salter crossing London's Millennium Bridge

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Jessica Salter
The Sydney Morning Herald

Cool craze or cult? When the sun goes down, Sydney's midnight runners hit the streets

Sydney's Midnight Runners whirl around the CBD and harbour every Wednesday evening to a pop soundtrack.

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Wolter Peeters
The Guardian

Meet the Midnight Runners: 'It bonds us with the city'

A community of night-time runners, who soundtrack their jaunts to bass-heavy dance music, is changing the face of urban running

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Scott Cain
La Vanguardia

Los deportistas se adueñan de la Barcelona nocturna

Proliferan las reuniones multitudinarias de corredores, ciclistas, patinadores o nadadores

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Margarita Puig
London News Online

Nights out – Midnight Runners

The lighting is amazing, the people are beautiful, the blood is pumping and you are having a fabulous time making new friends.

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Toby Porter
Runner's World

Midnight Runner Sami Al-Adawy’s Street Style

A blaring speaker and sturdy hair bands keep this run crew captain moving through London.

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Katie Neitz
Runner's World

Midnight Runners Crew Takes Over Boston With Neon Lights, Techno Music, Sudden Planking

The growing group from the United Kingdom brought its party to the United States for the first time.

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Tom Layman
SW Londoner

London’s Midnight Runners race through Richmond Park to finish line party for afterhours 10k

Midnight running is the newest craze for fitness fanatics who are taking to London streets and parks at night to fit in exercise, before partying into the dawn.

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South West Londoner