1 - Find Your City

Check out the city pages (in the menu) to see what events are on near you. Each city has their own social pages too, so check there for up to date news and the latest event info.

No Runs Near You?

Email us at and we’ll see what we can do! We’re always thinking about where to go next and looking for people to help make it happen.

2 - Download MyCrew

We use an app called ‘myCrew’ to organise all our events. On myCrew you’ll find a weekly schedule for your city and will be able to book into events. It’s best to book in advance as sometimes we have to cap numbers. myCrew is free and easy to use.


3 - Come Prepared

Many of our events have a secure Bag Drop, but not all, so check the event details on myCrew in advance. It’s usually best to show up in your run kit as we rarely have great changing facilities.

4 - Lace up and run!

You’re in for some unforgettable miles and guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and some new friends too. We’ll bring the music, the energy and the high fives - you just need to remember your trainers!

And when we shout MIDNIGHT… you shout RUNNERS!